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The real estate process can quickly turn from an exciting fresh start to a mess of lawsuits and contract disputes. Whether you’re the property owner or an employee on the construction project, a litigation case can be difficult to face on your own. Find out how a real estate litigation attorney can advocate for your best interests. Get in touch with my office in Houston, for representation in Fayetteville, Pearland, Sugar Land, or Katy, Texas.

Common Cases & Clients

Real estate litigation includes a wide range of topics. Some of the most frequent issues surrounding real estate litigation include:

  • Commercial and residential earnest money contracts

  • Construction contracts

  • Deeds

  • Deeds of trust and mortgage documentation

  • Title examinations

  • Architectural and engineering contracts

  • Planned developments of commercial properties

  • Landlord-tenant leases and disputes

  • Fuel supply contracts

  • Property tax litigation

  • Evictions

  • Adverse possession litigation

A real estate transaction can involve a number of individuals, both with personal and professional stakes in the matter. At John W. Mikus, Attorney at Law, I represent a number of individuals in their litigation cases, including:

  • Homeowners

  • Farm and ranch owners

  • Developers

  • Contractors and subcontractors

  • Loan participants

  • Governmental entities

  • Landlords

  • Tenants

  • Bondholders

  • Borrowers

I am proficient in both simple and complex real estate litigation procedures. In addition to residential cases, I also represent commercial clients such as convenience stores and gasoline stations.

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The Litigation Process

During real estate litigation proceedings, the dispute is handled in the court system and is decided by a judge or jury. A typical real estate lawsuit will end with a damages award being issued from one party to another.

However, it is possible to settle at any point during litigation. If all involved parties agree, a judge may sign off on the agreement before the dispute reaches a trial.

Strategic Counsel In and Out of the Courtroom

I like to treat real estate litigation cases like games of chess. When you bring your case to me, I’ll work with you to strategize a plan of action that best suits your unique situation. I enjoy the analytical and tactical aspects of litigation and the challenges that come with it.

I am experienced and skilled at analyzing the facts of a case and weighing its strengths and weaknesses. By understanding the potential risks of certain actions, I can better prepare you for any issues that may arise.

My diplomatic and creative thinking skills have a history of serving my clients well. In trials, I have the ability to be combative and aggressive when necessary. I excel in the art of cross-examining witnesses to help a client achieve success in the courtroom.

Proudly Representing the People of Houston & Beyond

I became a lawyer because I enjoy helping others succeed in life. That dedication still stands today. When you’ve been wronged in the real estate process, I want to help you achieve justice. Let’s work together to seek a fair and equitable outcome.

Since 1976, I’ve represented individuals throughout the Greater Houston Metro area. If you’re facing a real estate litigation issue in Fayetteville, Pearland, Sugar Land, or Katy, Texas, contact me today. I’m prepared to bring a business-minded approach to your case and help you seek the outcome you deserve.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney Serving Fayetteville, TX

Don’t let a snag in the real estate process throw your plans off course. When an issue comes to litigation, put an experienced attorney in your corner. At John W. Mikus, Attorney at Law, I represent clients in the Greater Houston metro area, including those in Fayetteville, Pearland, Sugar Land, and Katy, Texas. Call my office today to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.